And get to the important, urgent stuff …

It’s a proven fact that when you try to do everything at once in your business, nothing gets done. Unless you delegate, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with trivial or non-urgent tasks …

Learn to delegate more effectively, strategically and intentionally!

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So where does that leave the important, urgent stuff? Somewhere in your todo list and probably not near the top either. It’s a very common scenario for many business owners.

The best way to delegate is to pick good people to do what needs to be done, empower them and give them the authority, responsibility and accountability for the job.


“Then STOP meddling and leave them to it!”


Being in business means taking every opportunity to grow. But it needs to be done effectively, strategically and, most importantly, intentionally.

Here are my top 6 ways to delegate more effectively:

  1. Decide what tasks you’re going to delegate. Don’t chop and change from one moment to the other. Delegate and stick with your decision.

  2. Don’t look for perfection. When the buck has always stopped with you, it is difficult to let go of certain tasks, but delegating them gives the other person the challenge to improve what they do.

  3. Provide complete job instructions. Don’t set someone up to fail by not explaining exactly what you want them to do for you. The more information you give them, the better the result.

  4. Stop believing you’re the only one who can do the job properly.No, you’re not! Give someone with the right skills and experience the task and let them get on with it.

  5. Check on progress. It’s fine to check in with someone to see the progress of the task you delegated to them, but don’t micromanage them. Just let them get on with it and they’ll ask for help if they need it.

  6. Say thank you. Everyone likes to be thanked for their efforts. If you thank someone for completing the task you delegated to them, then next time they do it, you’ll get the same, if not an improved, level of effort.

Remember that when you delegate a task to someone, you have to delegate the authority for them to be able to complete it. If they need specific information from other people and can’t get it, well, they’re going to have to come back to you. This is called ‘reverse delegation’ where the task can’t be completed without input from you.

Remember that delegation has many benefits, both for you and for your business. It offers team development, motivation, growth and learning opportunities. The only thing you as the business owner need to get past is letting go and actually learning to delegate.


“Would you like to know more?”


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