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Wherever you look, the importance of teams is obvious. From sport to medical to business, motivated people who work together well is all important. But remember, the best teams aren’t simply there for the money …

The importance of teams that work together well can’t be understated!

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The heart of a good team is the leader. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a CEO running a top management team or a supervisor with a handful of people you’re responsible for, the team meshes firstly around the leader and secondly around the task at hand.


“And that leader must lead!”


He or she needs to stamp their authority on the team. Not with negativity, a blame culture or an iron fist, but with positive encouragement, with congratulations and with a listening ear to address each members personal motivation.

They must also keep an eye out on the processes and systems they use to ensure the team is working to the best of their abilities. Should a team member be struggling or a process/system creating a bottleneck, then the leader must step in to resolve the issue.

The team must also know that the leader is in charge and the leader must know that the buck stops with them. They are the ones that will be blamed should the team fail at a specific task, so it’s up to them to ensure the team do it right, first time, every time; they can pass responsibility downward, but not blame.

As for the task at hand, to do that successfully, a combination of personality, natural talent, training and teamwork is needed. Be it a football match, a life-saving operation or the meeting of targets and KPIs for managers and business owners further up the organisation … the team must work together at all times.


“And this is where I step in with my years of experience running businesses, building teams and coaching leaders!”


Not only can I help you find the right people, but I can define the processes and systems that need to be followed so that the team can work at its best. I can train the team leaders in the art of leading and will I help senior management define the KPIs they need to see to ensure the organisation is running profitably.

Remember that even the smallest cog in the machine is as important as the biggest and they all need to be oiled to work smoothly. Each team needs:

  • The right personalities

  • The right talents, skills & experience

  • A strong, well-motivated leader

  • Clearly defined processes and KPIs

  • Efficient systems in place

  • Regular evaluation

  • Ongling training and support

At 4P Business Development, we excel at team building and we’d love to help you boost your profitability by ensuring your teams work efficiently towards to goals of your organisation.


“Would you like to know more?”


The importance of teams can’t be overstressed so if you feel you need some help then do call me on 01280 700405 or click here to ping over an email and let’s get your teams working efficiently.

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