Set powerful intentions and anything is possible …

Have you ever considered that it could be your core beliefs around your competence, worth, safety and primacy that are preventing you from achieving your goals, holding you back, and creating problems for you in your business …

If your limiting beliefs are holding you back, then maybe I can help you?

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The biggest difference between successful business owners and less successful ones has nothing to do with the number of challenges that they face, but the skills they have in solving those challenges.


“Positive successful people have more effective problem solving capabilities and strategies!”


They unshakably believe that they have the ability to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves and make positive choices in their lives.

You know you need support in problem-solving when you want something very much, really want to achieve your goals or want to change something in your business. Yet you continuously face roadblocks that make you feel threatened and make you feel helpless, incompetent, unworthy or just stuck.


“So what’s getting in the way, what’s holding you back?”


What is most likely stopping you and getting in your way is negative ‘schemata’ (beliefs) that can influence and hamper the uptake of new information and is based on past experiences, or negative core beliefs around what you are actually capable of achieving.

You are invariably taught these beliefs by your parents, siblings, peers, friends, associates, teachers and other people in authority when you were younger.

Albeit that these core beliefs were formed early in life, you definitely were not born with them. Most of these beliefs you will not remember learning, but they become part of you and your identity. They set your sights and establish your core fears, often keeping you stuck and feeling helpless.

Should you find that some of these limiting beliefs are getting in your way, then it’s time to consider what those beliefs are, who taught them to you and why. They are preventing you from moving forward and holding you back in your business.

The core beliefs that are most likely to get in your way are obviously the negative ones and they fall into four main categories:

  • Competence

    Feeling incompetent, a fear that you cannot do things right and deep down you possibly expect to fail. This manifests itself and gets in the way of you making positive decisions that will work.

    With this, often comes anxiety, stress and the fear that you will be humiliated. When you are feeling like this, it’s hard to make any decisions and the likelihood is that you will stop trying or even fail to take the first steps.

  • Worth

    Feeling unworthy, a fear that you’re wrong or undeserving. When this fear is at the forefront of your thoughts it becomes scary and you are likely to take on the assumption that you are of little importance and that you will be rejected should you ask for something or attempt to make any changes.

    When you are feeling like this the likelihood is that you sit back, accept the situation for what it and just hope things will get better, being totally unable to even imagine a solution that others would embrace.

  • Safety

    Feeling unsafe, this is a fear that everything is uncertain and dangerous, that you cannot possibly rely on anyone or anything and even the very thought of change creates a huge predicament because you are unable to imagine what will happen.

    When feeling like this, you can only imagine bad or dangerous outcomes so you tend to avoid change of any kind and when attempting to solve problems believe each and every solution to be far too dangerous.

  • Primacy

    Feeling that others needs are far more important that your own and should always come first. This fear results in you generally giving in and defering to other people’s views and needs.

    You are possibly extremely empathetic and, whist you believe you and your needs are not unimportant, you tend to think that others needs are far more important than your and you will give in to their desires. This belief makes problem-solving especially difficult as you find yourself unable to embrace any solution that may be any way in conflict with the needs of other people.

Should any of these core limiting beliefs be holding you back, you will need to ascertain the strength of the beliefs and how you may be able to dispute them and put in place a new effective belief.

So what is really causing these beliefs to continue and to sabotage your problem solving? This is where we can look at how your thoughts manifest into your results, positive or negative:

  • Your cognitive thoughts about a specific situation, whether positive or negative, are driven by the beliefs that you have been taught and will have a direct impact on your emotions and feelings.

  • Your emotions and feelings that reflect your cognitive thinking, whether positive or negative, will have a direct impact on your physical response.

  • Your physical response to the emotions and feelings that you have, whether positive or negative, will have a direct impact on your behaviour and actions.

  • Your behaviour following your physical response, whether positive or negative, drives your decisions and action and consequently the results you get. All driven by your beliefs!.

To begin changing any negative core beliefs, it would also help if you were to change your language and vocabulary and to ensure that you use only positive language and vocabulary and avoid all negative words such as don’t, not, no, try and hope.

Furthermore, take time out to explore some of your limiting beliefs in depth, write them down and then review the ones you are going to change, listing new beliefs you would like to develop and what would motivate you to make the changes.

Ask yourself questions around these beliefs such as:

  • Where did that limiting belief come from?

  • Why might you have been taught that belief?

  • How much do you currently believe that limiting belief?

  • How would you feel if you could change the belief?

And you will begin to realise that it is possible to dispute these limiting beliefs and put in place new positive enabling beliefs to help you move towards your goals.


“Set powerful intentions and anything is possible!”


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