Let’s get those cogs working together …

One of the first things I teach people who work with me is that comprehensive business goals and objectives are key to the success of any business …

The 4P’s Of Business need goals and objectives to make them work!

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And that’s never more important than when that business is owned by you. So let me ask a couple of easy questions.

Firstly, when did you last actually take the time out of the day job to focus on your end goals for both your business and your personal life? And, just as importantly, are the two concurrent or are they miles apart in respect of timescales and financial requirements?


“That’s the first stage of how I can help you!”


I ask the bloody difficult questions, and then support, encourage and guide you to set those goals, to achieve your aspirations and realise your true potential by holding you accountable.

Once you’ve set your goals and objectives, there are 4P’s that must be developed to get you there. These are planning, people, processes and position.

Get these cogs working together and you will create profitability:

  • Planning

    Have you written down and communicated your goals? When you have written goals and objectives in place, you will find that you are able to spend time managing your business.

    You will then be in the position to make operational decisions based on what you’ve already outlined in your goals and objectives list.

  • People Management

    Do you have the right people in your business? Too many managers employ people to match the job role that is currently in place.

    However, great managers seek the employee with the style and type that suits their business culture, whose skills and talent can redefine how that job is carried out, adding productivity and profitability to the bottom line.

  • Process and Systems

    How efficient is your business? How many tasks could be streamlined or carried out in a more efficient manner? You’ll be surprised at what I discover!

    I will scrutinise your business processes to identify how and where they can be streamlined, whether process order can be improved, if existing tools can be better utilised, and where investment in new systems or equipment can be justified.

  • Positioning

    When did your last review your marketing activity, PR, customer experience, client retention and position in your market?

    Marketing can be defined as the intermediary function between product development and sales. It is the marketing professional’s job to create, manage and enhance brands.

  • Profitability

    Get the 4P’s working together and you will realise productivity and profitability which will move you closer and closer to your goals and objectives for your business and life!

I read a really interesting article in the Guardian recently and thought I would quote a little of it here:


“Business efficiency is crucial to business success, but what is often underestimated is the importance of business owner efficiency, and having a founder who can demonstrate consistency and speed in things like planning, time management and decision-making from day one.

However, when you are caught up in the often chaotic early days of setting up and growing a new business, thinking and acting efficiently may be easier said than done. This is why many business owners engage the services of a business coach.”


My thoughts exactly! And if that resonates with you too, and you’d like to explore working together to set your goals and objectives, optimise your planning, people, processes and position and achieve productivity and profitability then I’d love to talk to you.


“Am I the right person to be your business coach?”


You can learn if working together would be a great idea by calling me on 01280 700405 or you can click here to send me an email enquiry, let’s start a conversation and we can find out.

Until next time …


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