Under promise and over deliver …

Do you really know just how happy your clients are? Do you deliver what you promise in a timely manner? Or do your clients perceive that you really do not care?

In genuinely customer-focused businesses, customer delight is part of the culture!

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Did you know that only 7% of existing customers that leave you, leave because of the price, whereas 63% leave because they perceive that you do not care about them?

In today’s fast-moving, competitive market, it is more important than ever to ensure customer delight, gaining a competitive advantage and staying ahead of the game.

In genuinely customer-focused businesses, customer delight is part of the culture and make-up of the company. It’s the paradigm, “the way we do things around here”.

It’s about exceeding customer expectations, and in many organisations that can be as simple as:

  • Creating the WOW factor

  • Listening relentlessly

  • Fulfilling the need

  • Delivering to specific standards

  • Timeliness and quality of service

So, do your employees have the customer service skills required of them to ensure customer delight and gain that vital competitive advantage?

  1. A lot of patience

    When dealing with customers on a daily basis, stay patient when they come to you stumped and frustrated, but be sure to take the time to honestly figure out what they want.

  2. Good focus and attentiveness

    The ability to really listen to customers is crucial when providing excellent service. What are your customers telling you without actually saying anything?

  3. Clear communication skills

    When it comes to relaying essential points to customers, keep it clear, simple and leave nothing to doubt.

  4. Product knowledge

    Without knowing your products inside out and back to front, you won’t understand how to help customers when they have problems.

  5. Use of positive language

    The language you use is a hugely important part of persuasion, and customers will create perceptions about you based around the words you use.

  6. Good acting skills

    Every good customer service representative will have the acting skills they need to maintain a cheery persona when dealing with grumpy people.

  7. Excellent time management

    Don’t spend time going above and beyond for a customer if you’re just going to end up wasting both of your time.

  8. Ability to ‘read’ a customer’s mood

    Look and listen for subtle clues about their current mood, patience level and personality then mirror the way they are talking to you.

  9. A calming nature

    The best customer service reps know that they cannot let an angry customer makes them lose their cool. It is their job to be calm for the customer who thinks the sky is falling in.

  10. Very goal oriented

    The goal is to delight the customer. Sometimes, this means making decisions on the fly, so support the caller with pre-planned options and guidelines for their use.

  11. Able to think outside the box

    Sometimes, you’re going to get a customer with an issue that hasn’t been heard of before, and there are no guidelines to deal with it. This is when you need to be empowered to make a decision on best how to help the customer and run with it.

  12. Good at persuasion

    It’s not about making a sales pitch in every email or call, but it’s about not letting potential customers slip away if you can’t create a compelling message that what your offering is worth buying.

  13. Determined

    A great work ethic and a willingness to do what needs to be done is a crucial skill when providing the kind of service that people talk about.

  14. Good at closing

    Ending a conversation with a happy customer is essential in the drive for customer delight. Ok, maybe you can’t solve every issue there and then, but you can strive to get as close as possible.

  15. A willingness to learn

    Whether it’s building products, marketing businesses, or helping customers, if you don’t invest in yourself you will get left behind by the people who are.

It’s far more than just managing expectations. Customer delight occurs when a business delivers a customer a strong, positive experience that exceeds their expectations.

This positive emotional response is what leads to repeat buying, loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. Delighted customers are five times more likely to repurchase from you than just satisfied customers.

According to the American Express Customer Service Report, more than 50% of UK customers will spend more on products and services if the service experience was guaranteed to be first class.

It shows that on average, UK consumers will pay a premium of 7% for the privilege of good customer service and 70% state they would do more business with an organisation that offered decent customer care.


“Does working with your team to encourage customer delight now sound more attractive to you?”


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