If not, you could be losing business …

Are you using one of the numerous personal or free email addresses rather than getting yourself a branded company domain for your website and emails?

If your clients don’t perceive you as professional, you may be losing business!

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Virtually every day, I see businesses promoting their products and services through adverts, websites and digital marketing and it amazes me just how many do not have a professional business email address.

Even more unbelievable is those that have gone to the trouble to purchase a domain name, build a website and still use a personal free email address!

What does this actually say about you and your business? Well, the word ‘unprofessional’ is defined as “below or contrary to the standards expected in a particular profession”.

Customers expect your business to have a domain name and a website. An email address like sales@domainname.co.uk tells your potential clients that you’re serious about your business. One called unprofessional@hotmail.com does not.

Furthermore, when you own your domain name, you are no longer tied to an email service provider or an ISP. Should you use a free address for your business, you are bound to them and cannot change email service providers or use additional services, such as encryption, that the free services do not offer.

A professional branded email address with a .co.uk or .com domain name can help build credibility and branding. Get a professional domain name the same as your company name and then you will:

  • Raise visibility and perception of your professionalism

  • Extend your branding

  • Create simplicity, enabling clients to remember your details

  • Enable scalability and allow more than one address within the domain

  • Take ownership and enables transfer between providers

  • Enable full control over all emails

Domain names and email addresses are not something any business owner should compromise on. Create a great first impression and make your contact details memorable and appropriate, not embarrassing and unprofessional.


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